February Finds

I saw, I loved, and I took….from my mom’s frame collection ūüôā

My new beautiful Burberry scarf!

I found the block letters for about $7, and the blue vase from a thrift store for $1. There’s nothing better than inexpensive, fun finds. Oh and the fake flowers, I claimed I mean borrowed from my sister.

Being my sister’s maid of honor, I’m in charge of planning her bridal shower. I checked out Etsy for homemade, creative¬†invitations. ¬†I found this store Good Frau, and instantly loved her style. I decided to stick to my sister’s wedding colors for the¬†invitations, and it turned out great!


Back to Basics

On Sunday, one of my good friends and I spent the day in Washington D.C., and had a pleasant time venturing around the Eastern Market. I love going to flea & farmers markets and supporting local businesses because you never know what to expect! These people are so creative, and you find so many treasures. I would have brought home some furniture, but the car wasn’t big enough so I picked up some apples and homemade soaps. Here’s a link to the website¬†http://www.easternmarket.net/.

Being around local & organic food most of the day, I had to check out the¬†restaurant¬†Founding Farmers. It’s a kind of restaurant that follows the “farm to table” trend and I loved it! There’s a picture from dinner below!

As we were walking back to the car, I walked past an alley, and had an urge to take some pictures. It might be silly to some people, but I love the cobblestone road, and the deserted feel of the alley ¬†In the pictures below, I’m wearing some basics I believe every girl should have. You need ¬†a standard black pea coat, colorful scarfs, and jeans you feel comfortable in.

Me being goofy, ha ha. ūüôā

It was delicious!

Picking out a Valentine’s Day card can be irritating, and¬†stressful. You want something that comes from the heart, and makes your woman or man feel special. I do like the traditional cards, but appreciate the creative and simple ones as well. I found a couple of good ones on this website¬†http://www.etsy.com/

Here’s a classic Valentine’s Day card from The Simpsons, when Lisa gave Ralph his only Valentine’s Day card.

It still makes me giggle!

Good luck finding the perfect card!


You can tell a lot about a woman from the contents in her purse. It’s extremely personal, and usually off limits to most men. This is what’s inside my purse….

The most important things are my Android cell phone, planner, wallet, hair tie, and gum. If you don’t see me without these items, I must be having a bad day. I couldn’t live without my iPod nano. I use it while I run, walk around campus, or in my car. I’m an impatient person, so whenever I’m stuck waiting for someone I whip out the current book I’m reading. I just started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I’m enjoying it so far!

I like to keep a little make up with me just¬†in case¬†I need a touch up. When my face gets shiny, I use the Bobbi Brown- Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Soft Sand from Nordstrom’s. I’m addicted to¬†chapstick, and love Burt’s Bees lip balm. It’s really soothing, and refreshing compared to other chapsticks. If I want a little color on my lips, I like the Bare Minerals lip gloss in Wearable Red, or MAC’s lip gloss in Jellybare.

5 things

Five things I’m currently obsessed with.

“This luxuriously scented cream is light on skin yet rich in 24-hour hydration. This formula is quickly absorbed to deliver deep moisturization with an addictive scent,” a description¬†taken from the website. I put it on after a shower, and I’m silky smooth all day.

Bobbi Brown’s hydrating eye cream. I’m getting old, I need it. I like this one the best.

I’ve had this frame for a such a long time and I feel like it over powers every picture I put in it. So I decided to do something else with it. I still had the original piece of paper it came with, so I flipped it over and wrote down my New Year’s resolutions. It’s an easier way for me to remember, and to accomplish them through out the year. This list stares at me every morning and night; I couldn’t avoid it even if I wanted to.

Mason jars are great for holding random buttons and change.

It’s a face wash thats gentle, doesn’t leave my skin too dry, and takes off all my make up. Plus Oprah likes this brand, so it has to be good.


All the beauty products can be purchased at¬†Nordstrom’s!

As I was watching the Golden Globes on¬†Sunday, a Chrysler¬†commercial caught my attention. Usually during¬†commercial¬†breaks I channel surf, and try to avoid¬†commercials. Right before I was about to change the channel to some reality show, the music perked my ears, and the old Hollywood vintage clothing lured me in. ¬†At the end of the commercial I couldn’t believe it was for Chrysler cars, but whatever I still enjoyed it.

Happy New Year!

This year I’m going to take my New Year’s resolutions seriously. I usually go around saying I’m gonna get more fit, eat healthier, and not go out as much. A month goes by and I’ve forgotten all of my resolutions and fall back into my old habits. Not this year. I’m going to make an effort to accomplish all of them.

My New Year’s resolutions include:

1) Enjoy life more

2) Learn something new

3) Be a more positive person

4) Help others

5) Get more organized

6) Travel more

7) Have no regrets

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but what are your NY’s resolutions??

I’m ready to close the chapter on 2010 and find out what 2011 has for me. Happy New Year from Let your style speak, and be safe!!