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5 things

Five things I’m currently obsessed with.

“This luxuriously scented cream is light on skin yet rich in 24-hour hydration. This formula is quickly absorbed to deliver deep moisturization with an addictive scent,” a description taken from the website. I put it on after a shower, and I’m silky smooth all day.

Bobbi Brown’s hydrating eye cream. I’m getting old, I need it. I like this one the best.

I’ve had this frame for a such a long time and I feel like it over powers every picture I put in it. So I decided to do something else with it. I still had the original piece of paper it came with, so I flipped it over and wrote down my New Year’s resolutions. It’s an easier way for me to remember, and to accomplish them through out the year. This list stares at me every morning and night; I couldn’t avoid it even if I wanted to.

Mason jars are great for holding random buttons and change.

It’s a face wash thats gentle, doesn’t leave my skin too dry, and takes off all my make up. Plus Oprah likes this brand, so it has to be good.


All the beauty products can be purchased at Nordstrom’s!


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