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5 things

Five things I’m currently obsessed with.

“This luxuriously scented cream is light on skin yet rich in 24-hour hydration. This formula is quickly absorbed to deliver deep moisturization with an addictive scent,” a description taken from the website. I put it on after a shower, and I’m silky smooth all day.

Bobbi Brown’s hydrating eye cream. I’m getting old, I need it. I like this one the best.

I’ve had this frame for a such a long time and I feel like it over powers every picture I put in it. So I decided to do something else with it. I still had the original piece of paper it came with, so I flipped it over and wrote down my New Year’s resolutions. It’s an easier way for me to remember, and to accomplish them through out the year. This list stares at me every morning and night; I couldn’t avoid it even if I wanted to.

Mason jars are great for holding random buttons and change.

It’s a face wash thats gentle, doesn’t leave my skin too dry, and takes off all my make up. Plus Oprah likes this brand, so it has to be good.


All the beauty products can be purchased at Nordstrom’s!


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I’m a huge Target fan, and I’m not ashamed to buy clothes there. The past couple of years, Target has stepped up their fashion game and famous designers have launched inexpensive lines for the everyday woman. It’s about time they made affordable lines, not all of us can afford a $800 skirt. I mean we see collections from DVF, Marchesa, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel,and etc. only wishing we could afford anything from them. Now having some designs only a drive away is exciting and damaging to my bank account. I found a YouTube clip of Zac Posen (one of my favorite designers) showing off his new collection thats in stores now!

Can you believe hes only 29 years old, and I adore the 2 in 1 navy/black dress. My birthday is soon..hint hint. 🙂

Ps- I’m considering doing “How to…” tutorials on YouTube. I would do beauty, sewing, styling, cooking, and whatever I come up with. Should I do it?

Let your style speak.xo.

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Last Fall, a couple of friends and I got the privilege to meet Tim Gunn. You may know him as the mentor/co-host of Project Runway, but he is also the Creative Director of Liz Claiborne Inc. If you watch the show he acts the exact same way, and is so much taller in person. He told us we were the prettiest girls he saw all day….oh Tim.  Just to let you know if you ever hear me say or write “carry on” or “make it work,” I got it from him.

I’m working on my next project. It’s taking a long time, but I’m almost done. I’ll post pictures soon!

Let your style speak.xo.

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Lady Gaga

2010 belongs to Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga. Shes an amazing artist, creative director of Polaroid, stylist, dancer, song writer, designer, performer, and the list goes on. If you really think about it, what can Lady Gaga not do?

I know what your thinking, why would I like her, shes crazy, weird, and has no morals, but hey not everyone has the courage to do what she does. Shes inspiring designers to think outside the box, and challenging fashion. Since I’m a new designer, she has been a true inspiration for me. So thank you Lady Gaga for gracing us with your chic and out there style.  Here are some outfits I do like….

Have you seen her Telephone Video with Beyonce??? I’m hesitant to post it on my blog, so here’s the link on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVBsypHzF3U

So tell me….Do you love or hate her? and why?

Let your style speak.xo.

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I can accept the safari look, strong shoulders, homeless, and even the trucker hat, but I refuse to accept this. Shoes this high are only acceptable in one place….the streets. I hope the ladies didn’t hurt themselves walking down the runway, because I would have.

Photo from CocoPerez.com

let your style speak.xo.

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Whoa Christina Aquilera! Looks like you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and walked right into Lady Gaga’s realm. This whole robotic style isn’t you, so please add the flesh to the other side of your face. Thanks.

Photo from Justjared.com

let your style speak.xo

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So a couple of weeks ago, my sister rented US Vogue’s documentary “The September Issue.” I dropped my textbook, slowly put down my computer and ran to the DVD player. I threw the DVD in and entered a world I was so intrigued by. I first saw Anna Wintour with her infamous cute bob, but started noticing her Creative Director Grace Coddington more. With her witty personality and creative style, she was definitely someone who’d I love to work for. Her work tells a story, and has heart instead of a girl standing in a pool trying to sell sunglasses. Very cliché and so boring, aren’t we all tired of that ad?? Here’s a little something to sum her up…..

” Coddington started her career in front of the lens, winning a modeling contest sponsored by British Vogue in 1959. She switched roles to become an editor a decade later, after a car accident. Coddington says she andWintour ran in the same circles in London and both came to the U.S. in the late ’80s. Coddington is charming, delightful, passionate and so committed to celebrating beauty and her revolutionary notion that clothes, models and photographers could tell stories and not just be objects. Every billboard, fashion magazine spread, every advertisement we see today has been influenced by Grace Coddington.”

Here is some of her beautiful work.

let your style speak.xo.

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