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I can accept the safari look, strong shoulders, homeless, and even the trucker hat, but I refuse to accept this. Shoes this high are only acceptable in one place….the streets. I hope the ladies didn’t hurt themselves walking down the runway, because I would have.

Photo from CocoPerez.com

let your style speak.xo.


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Whoa Christina Aquilera! Looks like you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and walked right into Lady Gaga’s realm. This whole robotic style isn’t you, so please add the flesh to the other side of your face. Thanks.

Photo from Justjared.com

let your style speak.xo

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Eat, Pray, Love.

Eat. Pray. Love. If only life were that easy….oh wait it was for Elizabeth Gilbert in her memoir.  She divorced her husband, and left everything behind for a year. She ate in Italia, prayed in  India, and found love in Bali. I’m so excited they’re finally making the book into a movie, and I think Julia Roberts would be the perfect Liz/Elizabeth. It doesn’t come out until August of this year, but heres the trailer to get you excited.

let your style speak.xo.

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So a couple of weeks ago, my sister rented US Vogue’s documentary “The September Issue.” I dropped my textbook, slowly put down my computer and ran to the DVD player. I threw the DVD in and entered a world I was so intrigued by. I first saw Anna Wintour with her infamous cute bob, but started noticing her Creative Director Grace Coddington more. With her witty personality and creative style, she was definitely someone who’d I love to work for. Her work tells a story, and has heart instead of a girl standing in a pool trying to sell sunglasses. Very cliché and so boring, aren’t we all tired of that ad?? Here’s a little something to sum her up…..

” Coddington started her career in front of the lens, winning a modeling contest sponsored by British Vogue in 1959. She switched roles to become an editor a decade later, after a car accident. Coddington says she andWintour ran in the same circles in London and both came to the U.S. in the late ’80s. Coddington is charming, delightful, passionate and so committed to celebrating beauty and her revolutionary notion that clothes, models and photographers could tell stories and not just be objects. Every billboard, fashion magazine spread, every advertisement we see today has been influenced by Grace Coddington.”

Here is some of her beautiful work.

let your style speak.xo.

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There were a couple of disappointments at the Oscars. Sometimes I feel these woman are forced into wearing these dresses  just because so and so made it, or maybe they want to take a risk. Who knows what goes through their heads. These were some of the worst dresses………

I don’t know about it one…I like the color, and the top part is interesting. Once your eye travels to the bottom of the dress, I start getting dizzy and don’t know where to focus. Good try, maybe next year you’ll have a better one. Vera Farmiga in a Marchesa dress.

Zoe Saldana in a  Givenchy gown. Love love love the top part, but the bottom looks a little too cheap.  Heres a picture of the dress from the Spring 2010 line, compared to Zoe.

I’ve always liked Charlize Theron’s style, but I think she made a mistake picking this dress. The little design over the boobs looks like flowers, and it’s to hard concentrated on anything but that. The dress shouldn’t wear the girl, the girl should wear the dress. Other than that, the color is darling, and sweet. By the way she wearing Christian Dior.

Let your style speak.xo.

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Holy dress

This year at the Oscars was all about big dresses. These are the ones I thought were best dressed! Do you agree?

This color usually washes people out, but not Demi Moore in her Versace dress.

“Carrie on” Ms. Bueller in her Chanel dress.

Gold was definitely a theme of the night; Cameron Diaz stole the show in her Oscar de la Renta dress. Doesn’t she look like the old Cameron from the mask!?!

Being an announcer for the first time is pretty nerve racking, but I thought Miley did a superb job for a 17 year old in a Jenny Packham dress.

Penelope Cruz looks absolutely gorgeous in her Donna Karan dress.

And the Oscar for best actress goes to….Sandra Bullock in a Marchesa dress!!

FYI: Shes from the Washington D.C. area (Arlington to be exact).

Let your style speak. xo.

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Well welcome to my blog everyone. I’ve decided to start one after viewing (i mean stalking) others for several months now. I’ll post some of my favorite blogs in another post, or as soon as I figure out how to post them on the side. Anyways I want to use this to express my interest in art, fashion, anything creative, designing, styling, beauty, photography and etc. I’m slowly learning how to make my own clothes, and not be intimated by the sewing machine. How many buttons and different kinds of stitches do you really need? Clearly you can tell I get frustrated with it. When I start getting better, i’ll post pictures. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you want me to focus on once I start posting more. I’ll leave you with a quote….”Fashion fades, only style remains the same,” by the one & only Coco Chanel.

let your style speak.xo.

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